Discover What Vegan Protein Powder is Best For You!

Are you interested in knowing more about a vegan lifestyle but concerned about your protein intake?  Many people find themselves here because they are on a journey of some kind. If weight loss, bodybuilding, or healthy living is an interest of yours, we suggest people consider vegan protein powder supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you are young and are pursuing to build muscle but not use animal products?
Maybe you are looking to build or maintain a healthy figure?

Regardless of how or why, everyone looking to be healthier must know that a perfect body diet consists of quality proteins and vegetables. Protein is an essential nutrient required by our body for its growth and development it’s a primary source of energy. While not everyone chooses vegan protein for health reasons, some people look for lactose free protein because it simply has no dairy based ingredients.

Just like vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates have their own specific functions; our body requires protein in order to function at optimum levels.

Best Vegan Protein Powders

ImageProductPlant SourceProtein (g) Per ServingPriceRating
Mercola 100% Pure Pea ProteinPea 17$$3.5
Optimal Protein PowderPea - Rice17$$3.5
Garden of Life RAW Protein - VanillaBrown Rice - Chlorella17$$3.9

Vega One All-In-One Shake
Pea, Brown Rice, Hemp15$$$3.9
Raw Protein Review
RAW Protein Powder
Brown Rice - Chlorella17$$3.9

Hemp Pro 70
Hemp 20$$4.2

Vega Energizing Smoothies
Pea - Flax Seed10$$4.2

RAW Organic Meal
Brown Rice - Chlorella32$$$4.2
nitro fusion vegan protein powder
Nitro Fusion Chocolate
Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, and Artichoke Protein25$$$4.5
body ecology super spirulina
Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus

Live Superfoods Spirulina Powder
Endurance Fitness Daily ProteinPea - Rice - Potatoe12$$$$NA

Live Superfoods Hemp Protein Powder

People that want a protein powder are looking for something that absorbs quickly into the bloodstream and still gives them the muscle building benefits of regular animal based protein. While there are tons of companies out there, our list of best vegan protein brands helps people find what company is producing what.

This list changes often since more companies are producing protein supplements for the non-animal based consumer with numerous plant based proteins. There are four main ingredients in vegan protein supplements, the most common powders consist of:

Why Vegan Protein Supplements?

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated, 56 grams of daily protein required for an average man and 48 grams for women. What vegan protein powders do is supply this daily protein requirement without having to consume the unhealthy fats, cholesterol of animals and the added chemicals that come from mainstream products.

  • These new products are made from 100% vegetarian sources. This makes it consumable by all vegans as well as non-vegans. Body builders who work very hard pushing themselves in the gym regularly need fast absorbing and soluble proteins that won’t destroy their livers in the long term.
  • There are some doubts about vegan protein powders, but it’s been proven that they can efficiently develop each and every muscle of the body to the perfect shape, like most proteins.
  • There are absolutely no synthetic or artificially prepared proteins in vegan sources.

What is in Vegan Protein Powder?

lactose free and vegan proteins

These protein powders are typically made from all natural vegetarian protein sources. The most popular ones are extracted from Soy, Hemp, Peas, and Rice. All these protein supplements are prepared with a single purpose in mind: providing only exclusive protein to the consumer.

Other essentials like vitamins, minerals, etc. may or may not be present in the supplements because that would require added chemicals and powders that typically go against a vegan’s lifestyle. Hence good supplements are the ones that provide for a better protein quantity as well as better absorption of the protein into the body without adding weird unknown substances, which could damage your liver.

Common Myths about Vegan Protein Supplements
  • These supplements are steroids and can do harm to the body.
  • Only protein can obtained from meat sources.
  • All supplements are of the same quality.
  • They are a total waste of money and just buy chicken.
  • Protein supplements make you fat

If you are under the impression that these supplements are expensive and the cheapest product is exactly similar to the most expensive one, then think again. The cost of the supplements depend upon the ingredients used in it, the method by which it is prepared, the amount of protein content and the absorption efficiency.

These Vegan Protein Powders are suggested or recommended to injured patients, body builders, athletes and to people who have allergies which restricts their daily protein intake. We do not say only consume the protein powders as the source of protein. You need to consume as much protein from the natural sources in your regular diet first. This supplement only helps bridge the gap to complete that requirement.

Vegan powders are available in various flavors of your choice as well nowadays. So say good bye to those boring, tasteless and yucky supplement shakes most people think about. Mixing it with non-dairy products like almond milk or soy milk can make this a tasty and healthy experience. So worry no more and enjoy a healthy life and get the right supplement for you!