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7 Top Vegan Fitness Blogs

Vegan Fitness BlogsAdapting a vegan diet into a fit and active lifestyle can be tough if you don’t know what sites offer useful information. Deciding to consume animal-free foods and maintain the body’s nutritional needs can seem difficult for anyone trying the vegan way of eating. Luckily, there are blogs offer valuable insights into the lifestyle as well as fitness routines and tips.


This site discusses at length the vegan lifestyle and gives specific advice for individuals who wish to tone up. It stresses the importance of movement and specific exercises that can be done by the individuals to enhance their fitness level. It also features a number of nutrition tips for those who have embraced the vegan lifestyle.


A certain subset of the vegan fitness sites deal with vegans who wish to do body building. The vegan body builder blog, vegan body builder.org talks about how to build a fitness regime and prepare for competitions as a vegan. It offers a number of body building and lifestyle tips for those who are planning on building their body while embracing a vegan lifestyle. These are the types of things that those who adopt this lifestyle and wish to do body building can focus on. It give specific strength regimes and talks about things that are of interest to body builders like muscle recovery shakes for instance and vitamin options.


This blog is not so much a workout site,but one that is geared toward healthy choices in terms of the vegan lifestyle. This is a site that has a lot to offer in terms of meal prep and also classes that give great fitness options.


Other vegan fitness logs of note would include the blog vegalicious.com. Vegalicious includes many sorts of vegan dishes as well as step by step fitness routines that individuals can follow to have a healthy and toned body. These are workout routines that involve dumbells and many other fitness routines like specific exercises that the individual can undertake to make sure they can have the workout they can use. They can take advantage of when preparing to tone their body vegan style.Use this site to make sure you have the components of workout gear that you need and follow step by step structured exercise to get you body lean toned and healthy..It also has a section on essential oils that you can use while following the vegan lifestyle.


We very much like this vegan fitness blog. Veganbodybuilding.com also details fitness regimes that can be undertaken by vegans and tells of some of the sorts of exercises that can be performed by those wishing to adopt a fitness regime that suits the vegan lifestyle. Specific tips on squats, thrusts and other body building options are given for individuals. This website is perfect for those who wish to incorporate a body building regime into their lifestyle.Again this is a blog that has specific techniques for those who wish to get fitness options while enjoying a vegan lifestyle.


Other fitness blogs that the individual can peruse at their leisure would include Oh she glows. oh she glows.com This is not so much a fitness blog per se as one woman’s struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Specific fitness tips are not given or dispensed as much as a journal of one woman’s attempts to lose weight and stay in shape. The person in questioned ran a marathon to get her body in shape.
Perhaps one of the best overall blogs dealing with fitness and the vegan lifestyle would be the vegan bodybuilding and fitness blog.


This vegan fitness site stresses diet,hydration and sleep. This blog contains a great deal of information both about he vegan lifestyle and using body building as resource to get fit. As mentioned previously a number of the vegan lifestyle websites seem to emphasize body building and offers a number of items that would be helpful to vegans endorsing this sort of lifestyle. These may be helpful tips that individuals can use to get the fitness and nutrition options for their particular interests. Vegan fitness blogs are many and varied.