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Options Other Than Vegan Protein Powder

By veganproteinpowder_admin / April 8, 2013

While it is true that you can put on muscle by eating well and lifting weights, you can still enhance the growth of the muscles by use of external protein supplements. The following vegan body building diet supplements have been listed in order of their priority; from the most to the least critical but yet effective […]


Lactose Free Protein – How it’s Made and Why

By veganproteinpowder_admin / January 2, 2013

Milk, gluten and lactose free protein products are more popular now because as new health studies comes out about processed animal products, the public’s interests have changed. Now more than ever, people are focusing on the dairy free, protein rich, health conscience alternatives. These new protein supplements are made from various sources such as rice, peas, hemp, […]


Vegan Body Building Diet and Tips

By veganproteinpowder_admin / November 18, 2012

The vegan body building diet includes plenty of carbohydrates, protein and fat to provide the body requirements after intense workouts. Most of the protein source can be seen in meat, but this type of diet is not suitable for the people who are vegetarians who needed to build their muscle because they do not eat […]


Additional Benefits of Hemp Protein Supplements

By veganproteinpowder_admin / November 5, 2012

As noted previously, vegan protein products are made from roughly 4 different sources. Rice, Soy, Pea, and Hemp make up the main ingredients for vegan protein powders. Among the plant proteins, hemp is second after soy in terms of protein content. It is not just the protein content, however ,that makes Hemp a more viable […]


5 Vegan Protein Supplement Companies

By veganproteinpowder_admin / November 1, 2012

Not all protein supplements, especially plant based protein powders, do not get their source of protein from soy or meat and poultry. There are still great protein supplements especially made for vegetarians such as these products and they still give your body the results and effects you want for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Garden of […]


Hemp Protein Powder and Benefits 101

By veganproteinpowder_admin / October 28, 2012

The hemp plant is one of the most nutritious natural sources of protein found in plants. It is an economically viable crop and grows quickly. Every part of a hemp plant including fiber, leaf or seed is used as a food, medicine and raw material. Did you know that Columbus’ ships used hemp for their […]


Rice Protein Powder 101

By veganproteinpowder_admin / October 27, 2012

Among the various vegan protein powders available, rice protein is great because it can deliver essential nutrients easily into the body, making it stronger in the process. This protein supplement can also help protect the body from disease, , without the bloated feeling from it’s whey cousin. Brown rice gets mixed with special enzymes that […]


Vegan Protein Powder: What You Must Know!

By veganproteinpowder_admin / October 24, 2012

A raw vegan diet normally has low protein content. Vegans may not get enough protein in their regular diet and the protein they do get from plants is of high quality, non-acidic and not denatured by heat. As vegans choose not to eat animal base products such as meat or dairy products, they need to […]


Best Vegan Protein Powder Brands 101

By veganproteinpowder_admin / October 21, 2012

The term, “vegan” is one of the biggest buzzwords today when it comes to health and organic produce. The term dates all the way back to 1944, by the way; it was coined by the English woodworking teacher Donald Watson, who helped found the Vegan Society. Fast forward a few decades and vegan products are […]

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