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Hemp Protein for Hair Growth: Does it Work?

By veganproteinpowder_admin / November 9, 2013

Big question: Can you use hemp protein for hair growth? Hemp protein for hair growth is not a myth. Does it contain a secret ingredient? Not necessarily, but if you are losing hair, you may want to know what’s in it and why it can help. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, you […]


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Review

By veganproteinpowder_admin / October 24, 2013

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 is a vegan protein powder that created from hemp to best help with muscle development, overall health, and increased energy. As the product’s name suggests, this powder is created at about 70% of protein (protein is from concentrate and the % is by weight). The remaining ingredients include essential fats, […]


Additional Benefits of Hemp Protein Supplements

By veganproteinpowder_admin / November 5, 2012

As noted previously, vegan protein products are made from roughly 4 different sources. Rice, Soy, Pea, and Hemp make up the main ingredients for vegan protein powders. Among the plant proteins, hemp is second after soy in terms of protein content. It is not just the protein content, however ,that makes Hemp a more viable […]


Hemp Protein Powder and Benefits 101

By veganproteinpowder_admin / October 28, 2012

The hemp plant is one of the most nutritious natural sources of protein found in plants. It is an economically viable crop and grows quickly. Every part of a hemp plant including fiber, leaf or seed is used as a food, medicine and raw material. Did you know that Columbus’ ships used hemp for their […]