Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Review

hemp pro 70 reviewManitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 is a vegan protein powder that created from hemp to best help with muscle development, overall health, and increased energy. As the product’s name suggests, this powder is created at about 70% of protein (protein is from concentrate and the % is by weight). The remaining ingredients include essential fats, amino acids, calcium, and iron.

Unlike other protein powders, HEMP Pro 70 is extremely water soluble and does not make you feel bloated. Some have said that this product has a bit earthy taste, but most people seem to be OK with it. The powder should be mixed with other, more flavor-full liquids, like juices, milk, and shakes. The product should be refrigerated after opening to keep its freshness.

It is sold in recyclable plastic jars with caps that screw on. Hemp Pro 70 review give this 4.2 stars. Based on Amazon reviews.

Hemp Pro 70 -Benefits and Nutrition Facts

hemp pro 70 nutritional information

Besides being great for shakes, Hemp Pro 70 is a great for people looking for a lactose free protein supplement that is easy on the stomach. If weight loss or weight management is your thing, use this product to make shakes for breakfast, lunch, and when you have little time to prepare food.

The brand is organic certified in the United States and Canada. This particular powder is can be used by athletes, non-athletes of all ages, and even seniors. Hemp pro 70 is a non-gmo and USDA Organic, for those looking to improve their diet with organic ingredients.

The product is great for those that are trying to adapt to a vegan diet or need a a product that is green. However, don’t take this product lightly either. This superfood packs a punch in the protein arena and can be digested by most sensative sotomachs. What makes this product stand out vs other vegan protein powders is simply how easily digestible it is.

Extras to consider:

  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • Organic certified
  • Non-GMO

Hemp Protein Benefits

The powder is made from hulled hemp seeds which are then crushed to create the powder itself. Hemp protein typically contains more protein than most other non-animal based supplements. Since hemp powders typically have few ingredients they are added with other proteins and minerals. If you want a vegan protein that is completely free of filler and additives, try RAW Protein.

The universal applications for the Hemp plant is extremely diverse. From helping make fabrics, to plastics, even textiles, the hemp plant is almost the perfect natural plant.  This little plant’s seed, where the powder comes from, contains essential fats like Omegas 3,6, 9, as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin B, phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium.

Easy ways to include help powder into diet:

  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Hot or Cold Cereals
  • Yogurt
  • Baking

Information on Manitoba Harvest

The company Manitoba Harvest is an expert in hemp. They lead the way to legalizing industrial hemp in Canada. They have invested over a million dollars in a quality control lab to insure food safety. They grow, make, and sell their own hemp products. They process hemp seeds and plants from local farmers and companies. The company was founded in 1988.

Most recently Manitoba Harvest Hemp products were mentioned in an article in the Huffington Post, recommending that consumers challenge themselves and eat GMO-free foods for one day. The author, RD and CDN Heather Bauer, mentions you can use this protein for a protein boost with your breakfast.

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