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Pea Protein Powder 101

Recently there has been a rise in pea protein as demand for vegan protein supplements has gained momentum. Credible sources, such as Dr Oz have been promoting the many benefits of pea protein powder. This should not come as a surprise as this little legume has proven to be quiet the power food.

Made from yellow split peas, this pea has one of the highest concentrations of fiber and protein per gram than other plant based proteins. The pea used in making powder is typically used in split pea soup and can be easily confused with pigeon peas or chickpeas. However, yellow peas are more commonly known as legumes, just like beans.

The pea is an excellent source for making animal-free based protein supplements. This little legume has acquired a lot of attention as of late, especially with the rise of veganism and rise in demands for vegan protein supplements. We are not talking about generic green peas, pea protein powder is made with field peas which have a higher concentration of fiber and protein.

Pea protein is typically gets combined with rice protein powder to create a final product. This is because they create a superior amino acid profile that is comparable to dairy or egg proteins. They

Benefits of Pea Protein Supplementspea protein powder

Pea protein supplements have the ability to help curb cravings, feel fuller longer, build muscle, and maintain body weight. Split peas, the primary source for pea protein, are normally dried and used in soups, typically called split peas.

Some of the obvious benefits of using pea protein powder:

  • Gluten free
  • No cholesterol
  • Lactose free
  • Easy on the stomach
  • 100% organic
  • People love the taste

6 Additional Reasons to take Pea Protein Supplements

1. Easily digestible: The proteins present in this legume are easily digestible. Your body absorbs about 95% to 98% of this pea powder easily. This means that your body will enjoy the maximum benefits of this protein rich supplement and use it right away.

2. High quality amino acids: Pea powder is rich in essential amino acids like lysine that is not found in any other vegetables. As your body will not produce amino acids, it has to be derived through the food you consume. Pea protein is equipped with BCAAs or branched amino acids such as leucine, Valine and Isoleucine.

3. BCAAs are essential to aid in the growth of muscles in the body and helps in faster recovery period that is essential for muscle recovery soon after a workout. This means you can be assured that your muscle recovery process is still on even when you are taking a rest.

4. Free from allergens: This product is suitable for all adults as they are free from allergens unlike other products such as soy, whey or milk products. This is because this particular powder has no glutens or lactose, which might trigger allergy among many.

5. Building a better body: Proteins present in the pea powder are responsible for stronger bones, healthy tissues and muscles in your body. It helps the enzymes in the body transport nutrients and oxygen faster, which helps in faster energy production within you.

6. Lowers risky medical issues: The protein derived from the yellow peas can lower the cholesterol levels and blood pressure and is light on your kidneys and keeps them healthy and strong.

With so many benefits to enjoy, choosing to make pea protein powder as part of your daily care will help you boost your overall health levels.

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