Additional Benefits of Hemp Protein Supplements

As noted previously, vegan protein products are made from roughly 4 different sources. Rice, Soy, Pea, and Hemp make up the main ingredients for vegan protein powders. Among the plant proteins, hemp is second after soy in terms of protein content.

It is not just the protein content, however ,that makes Hemp a more viable option. Hemp contains a greater portion of essential amino acids and nutrients that non-animal based products do not. Protein is essential to all diets, including vegan. So when it comes to picking out the best options, many like Hemp protein for reasons other than just protein content

Hemp Protein Powders are Better Source Mostly Because:

  • Not Made With Chemicals
  • How Hemp Protein Powders are Manufactured
  • Doesn’t Typically Use GMO Fillers
  • Hemp is Easy On the Stomach

Introducing The Chemical: Hexane

Wondering why a chemical is important? While most consumers ignore dangerous chemicals used in their foods, vegans tend to be significantly more conscious of product quality.

Unlike Hemp Powder, most plant proteins without the organic label are usually processed with hexane. This chemical is a solvent that renders an adverse effect not only on the environment but also human health. Long term exposure to hexane can result in a lot of side effects, one being muscle weakness.

Hemp Protein is Processed Better

On the other hand, Hemp Protein Powder created with only expeller pressed techniques do not involve the application of hexane in the production process. The same technique ensures essential minerals and vitamins are not destroyed when processing.

No Added GMO Fillers

Perhaps the most notable difference between hemp proteins and other plant protein sources is that the addition of non-organic soybeans in most soy powders are usually obtained from genetically-modified, GMO, soybeans.

On the other hand, Hemp is not genetically modified. Moreover, hemp food has low environmental impact as hemp does not require Pesticides or herbicides to grow.

Hemp Proteins Stomach Friendly!

Some protein powders, such as soy protein, contain oligosaccharides, which can trigger stomach gas and upsets in some people. But Hemp Powder does not contain this irritant and is allergen free. The use of sugar in making many other plant protein products can also lead to expanding waistlines.

In conclusion, Hemp Powder has been found to contain a vegetarian source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fiber and it is also a gluten-free source of essential amino acids. Whether one is a carnivore, vegan or vegetarian, or young or old, sedentary or active, Hemp Protein Powder offers a tasty way to meet the protein needs of the body, and is available in most natural products stores.

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